7 DIY Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Does being preoccupied with pumpkin spice everything and brisk sweater weather have you a bit behind on your home to-do list? We’re here to help! With colder temperatures already arriving, accomplishing a few things around your home will ensure that you’re prepared for more of what’s to come. Here are seven of our best DIY fall home maintenance tips to keep your household and property in top condition this fall.


Clear out your garden.
The sunny days with mild temperatures make for perfect days to be outside. While you’re out, spend some time pulling weeds and dead plants from your garden. It’s also a perfect time to consider fertilizing your lawn too. This will put you ahead of the game in the spring when it’s time to plant.


Install or repair outdoor light fixtures. Fall is when the days begin to get shorter, and that means you’ll probably be coming home to a night sky. This is when outdoor lighting is a necessity. Be sure to inspect all of your existing outdoor fixtures to make sure they are working and ready. If you’re lacking in your lighting, you may want to consider installing a few fixtures to prevent yourself from struggling in the dark.


Store outdoor furniture.
The colder weather means you’ll be spending more time inside than out, so don’t forget to store your outdoor furniture. Bring your furniture into your garage or home to prevent any damage the weather may do to it. Most outdoor pieces are not meant to withstand the fall climate which is why your best bet is to bring it in.


Check smoke detectors.
This is a very important task that you should add to the top of list to keep your family safe. It will also alert you to any immediate danger especially as you begin to use your heating system and cook inside more than out. Your smoke detectors are your best way of warning everyone in the house of a potential fire. It can be a lifesaving device so it’s crucial that they have new batteries and are working properly.


Take care of leaf removal.
One of the largest attractions here in the northeast is the beautiful color change of the fall foliage. While the leaves are beautiful, the ones that accumulate in your backyard can be pesky and even hazardous. A rainy day can cause the already slick leaves to become even more slippery which is a disaster waiting to happen. The best way to avoid this is to rake and remove all the leaves in your yard beforehand. You may even want to get creative and make this task a fun family event on nice day!


Store your air conditioner.
Fall is known to some as the best time of the year because they may have a little extra money in their pockets due to our next task. It’s time to take your air conditioners out and store them away. This is the prime time for sleeping with your window open which means saving on your electric bill, something everyone looks forward to. Just be sure to clean the unit filter once it’s out and cover it to prevent any dust accumulation. Then, it will be all set for next summer!


Flip or rotate your mattress.
Before you change your sheets for the fall and winter seasons, you should consider flipping your mattress. You’ve probably been sleeping in the same position and on the same side of your bed every night, right? Well it’s time to give that part of your mattress a rest by flipping or rotating it. This shift helps keep the bed coils from potential damage that can also cause the mattress to sag. So, take a minute to the move your mattress for another great nights rest this fall!


We hope these easy fall home maintenance tips helped get all of your tasks out of the way so you can enjoy this wonderful season. If you find you have a few home repair or remodeling job to address, Brother’s Remodeling Group is here to help! Give us a call at (203) 751-9222 or contact us here on the site to schedule an appointment and free estimate.

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