7 Tips For Hiring a General Contractor

Finding the right general contractor can be tough. Not only do you need an expert who can manage all of the aspects of your home improvement project, but you need someone that you can work and communicate with. Homeowners often choose the first company they speak to or the one with the cheapest price, but there are many factors that should go into your hiring decision. Here are some pro tips for finding and hiring a general contractor that works for you!


Begin with a plan
The best way to get the most accurate and affordable estimate is to know exactly what you’re looking for. When meeting with contractors, you’ll want to give them a clear and concise plan of what you are looking to accomplish. The more research you do in advance and knowledgeable you are, the more able you will be to understand key factors in your hiring decision such as price, timeline, and materials.


Ask for referrals and recommendations
No one knows better what it’s like to work with one general contractor over another than previous customers. Ask friends and family or post online to find out about their remodeling or repair experiences. Better yet, see if they have pictures of the finished project that you can check out. Online reviews on Google and Yelp are helpful too but give more weight to the opinions of those you know and trust.


Look beyond price
Sure, it’s easy to choose the cheapest contractor and move forward but not so fast. An inexpensive project may sound great in theory but not if it’s being completed with high quality materials and skilled workers, you may end up with a much bigger problem on your hands. You may receive an estimate and feel that the price is high but the quality may be superior to its competitors and that’s definitely worth considering when hiring a general contractor.


Check out past projects
When it comes to your home, of course you’ll want an experienced contractor to complete the job. One of the best ways to ensure that you’re hiring experts is to look at photos or videos of past projects that they’ve completed in your area. You can also read online reviews of companies from satisfied (and unsatisfied) homeowners to help further make up your mind. If you’re still unsure, ask the contractor for references so that you can speak to previous customers directly about their experience.


Obtain a written contract
It is important that there is a written agreement between you and your GC. This document will help keep a record of everything discussed such as material and labor costs, a payment plan, a promise to pull necessary permits, and other important aspects of the job. Read it carefully before signing and don’t forget to keep a copy on hand.


Create a communication plan
A great working relationship between you and your GC is crucial when it comes to repairing or renovating your home. Be sure to discuss the best methods to reach them at all times in case you have questions or concerns.


Be ready for home renovations
Remember that when you renovate a part of your home, especially a heavily used room such as a kitchen or bathroom, it will be out of use for a period of time. Make sure you have a plan of how to go about your day without regularly entering the area under construction. It may be a pain, but completely worth it in the end for the living space of your dreams!


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