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Mortgage Construction Loan Assistance from Fairfield County’s Remodeling Experts

When someone purchases a new home, there are often repairs and renovations to make in order for it to be updated, safe and, as an added benefit, more aesthetically pleasing. Consequently, the homeowner can choose to apply for a home reconstruction loan. It’s a short term loan with variable rates that cover the renovation cost. A mortgage loan and a construction loan differ in that one is very tangible while the other is not.


An existing piece of property with a dollar amount based on various factors is known as a mortgage loan. On the other hand, a mortgage construction loan is often referred to as a “story loan.” It is called this because a story must be constructed when applying to the financial institution to give them good and sound reason to approve the amount of money you are asking for. Therefore, this information is almost always put together with the help of an experienced contractor and your trusted real estate agent.

When it comes to remodeling your home, it’s crucial to find an experienced contractor who is familiar with the construction process. That includes inspections and applying for the proper permits. Therefore, you need someone who can provide high quality materials and a seamless installation process. Also, you want someone who can work within the timeline and constraints of a mortgage construction loan. Contact the remodeling experts at Brothers Remodeling Group for fast, professional service.

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We can help with:

  Experience, trained insurance claims specialists on-site
  Assistance in submitting a claim
  On-site damage assessment with adjuster
  Communication and followup with real estate agent
  All roofing services completed in a timely manner

A mortgage construction loan can cover all types of renovations. This can include roofing services, window and door upgrades, siding installation and more. We will handle the entire process from start to finish and keep you aware of the status of your claim. If you are considering taking on a mortgage construction loan, contact us right away for assistance. We’ll provide a comprehensive inspection and no-obligation quote for all of your renovation needs.


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Did You Know…

There are two types of mortgage construction loans: Single Close and Two Step loans. Look into both options to see which one is the right choice for you!