Fall Is The Ideal Time For Ice Dam Prevention

The time to prepare your home for winter weather is not when winter arrives. It’s during those fall months when the temperatures are cool but mild enough for ideal working conditions. While many homeowners remember to tune up their heating systems and make sure their insulation is functioning properly, one aspect of winter preparedness that is often overlooked is ice dam prevention. This is often accomplished through heat cable installation. The cable runs throughout gutters and downspouts to help snow and ice melt quickly and move away from the home.


Here in New England, ice dams are quite the common occurrence. When the bottom layer of snow begins to melt on top of a roof, that water heads down the shingles towards the gutter system. Because the gutters extend beyond the house and its heating unit, they stay cold and that causes the water to freeze all over again. When the next layer of snow and ice melts, it now has nowhere to go. That water becomes trapped underneath or behind the ice dam. Once it reaches that point, the water can not only leak into the house and cause damage but when the ice dam eventually breaks off, it can pull down shingles and even sections of the gutter with it.


Some homeowners have the tendency to wait until a problem occurs to deal with repair issues but that costs them way more time, energy, and stress in the long run. For example, if you wait until an ice dam has already formed, it will have to be removed before the installation process can begin which takes extra time and money. During the winter months, shingles are also typically more rigid and brittle. That means they’re a lot more likely to break if you are having roof work or repair done. As the temperature begins to drop below 50°F, many roofing manufacturers even begin to void their product warranties because damage can occur.


One of the major benefits to installation heat wire is that it can be done within a day, giving your home immediate protection. Once operational, the wire will create a clear path for water to flow freely even on the coldest days. With the Farmer’s Almanac predicting “exceptionally cold, if not downright frigid weather” between December and February here in New England, taking precautionary steps now is not only worth the money, it’s worth the peace of mind.


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