October Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall is a great time to take care of any needed home repairs before the winter months arrive. Cold weather can make it especially difficult to take care of exterior work. Taking care of issues now will improve energy efficiency and protect you from severe damage and expensive repairs. From roofing to landscaping,we’ve got your October home maintenance checklist to keep your property looking great and running in top condition.


Clean your gutters and downspouts. As the leaves change and fall from trees, they can easily pile up in your gutter system and cause a clog to occur. Clogged gutters can lead to foundation issues as well as water damage within the home. In the winter months, a clogged gutter can lead to an ice dam which leads to a buildup of water on the roof. Gutter cleaning is an extremely crucial preventative step towards protecting your home and should be done twice per year.


Have your roof inspected for any signs of damage. Snow, ice, and wind can wreak havoc on a roof. That’s why it’s important to schedule a fall roof inspection before the seasons change once again. A professional roofing contractor can easily identify trouble spots such as mold, broken shingles, rust along the flashing, and more. Regular maintenance will both extend the life of your roof and help you stay ahead of any major problems.


Trim any dead tree limbs. Beginning in late fall, trees enter a dormant growth state which lasts through winter. Combine that with the falling leaves here in Connecticut, making it much easier to inspect branches, and you’ve got the ideal time for pruning. Not only does pruning promote healthy tree growth, it also removes hazardous branches that can damage your property.


Keep critters out by sealing gaps. When the temperature starts to drop, it becomes the prime time for unwanted creatures to make their way inside your home. Keep them out by sealing any openings in windows or doors with weatherstripping. Make sure to clean the area first so that the weatherstripping will stick well to the surface. Larger gaps or holes may require caulk or spray foam.


Winterize your home. Besides having your roofing and gutters inspected, there are many ways you can prep your home for winter weather. Some items on your list should include testing your smoke and CO monitors, performing a test run of your heating system, insulating any exposed pipes, and storing any outdoor furniture in your garage or other interior location.

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