What To Do Before Starting Your Bathroom Remodel

A bathroom remodel isn’t the smallest home improvement project, especially if it’s the only bathroom in your home. However, it can be really exciting to begin your makeover and create a more relaxing and functional space. You’ve chosen a new vanity, you know the type of flooring you want, you even have a vision for a brand new shower. It takes time to get it all right so before the construction begins, follow this checklist to keep your bathroom remodel hassle free and running smoothly.


Create a shopping list for accessories

You’re going to want to enjoy and show off your new space as soon as it’s ready and that’s where a shopping list can come in super handy! Smaller items to pull the entire room together include: soap dispenser, toilet paper holder, wastebasket, new towels and bath mats, shower curtain, and window treatments. In the weeks leading up to your remodel, set a shopping budget, keep an eye out for sales, and decide on the color scheme and overall look you want to achieve.


Be prepared for hidden problems or unexpected delays

When hiring a contractor, you may expect your bathroom remodel to be completed in a few short days. However, hidden problems such as previously unknown water damage can pop up without warning. Your remodeling contractor will look for these issues before starting the work but there are still things that can catch even the most experienced company by surprise. As your bathroom remodeling project gets underway, you may also realize you want to make some changes which can further delay the finished product. Going into your bathroom remodel with a flexible attitude will help minimize stress and adjust to any unanticipated changes.


Have a backup bathroom plan

If you have another bathroom in your home, keep in mind that it will now be the only one for the entire family to utilize. Create a schedule for everyone to get ready in the morning to minimize any stress or arguments over who should use it when. If this is the only bathroom in your home, consider asking relatives or neighbors you may be close with to help you while the work is going on. Some people even choose to rent a portable bathroom or use the facilities at a gym they have a membership with. A final piece of advice before the renovations begin is to hold off on having guests over over until your project is complete. It will make for a great reveal at your next gathering!


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